How to Enter

The winners have been announced!

Choose the category on the awards page, then fill out the entry form, giving us your pitch for why your nomination should win. There’s no need for big attachments and long presentations - all we ask for is that you upload one image that personifies the person or campaign and key information on your campaign's purpose and evidence of success. And yes entering more than one category is allowed.

Nominate for the awards by choosing a category on the award page.



The Do Gooder Awards welcomes entries from a range of civil society businesses and organisations across Australia that are purpose-led and progressive and/or campaigning on progressive issues,  including:

  • Agencies 
  • Beneficiaries of corporate partnership arrangements
  • Charities
  • In-house corporate businesses
  • NFPs
  • NGOs
  • Pressure groups

Rules for Entry

  • Nominations must be submitted through the awards website by midnight November 12th.

  • Participants and organisations are welcome to nominate themselves for one, or all categories.

  • Individuals, campaigns and initiatives nominated, must have engaged Australians in a substantial way at some point during 2017.

  • They also must be proudly progressive

  • Nomination submissions cannot be altered. By submitting a nomination you agree to these rules as well as the Terms and Conditions.